In a World Just Right

High school senior Jonathan Aubrey creates worlds at will. In Kylie-Simms-is-my-girlfriend, he’s given himself everything he doesn’t have in real life–the track team, passing grades, and his dream girl–until one day he confuses his worlds and almost kisses the real Kylie Simms. Now his girlfriend Kylie and the real Kylie are changing, and Jonathan must solve the mystery of his own life to save his love from a gruesome fate….(read more)


Ringler Associates


I write young adult literature that’s part fantasy/science fiction, part romance, part mystery. My most recent projects are contemporaries, but they also contain history. Mostly I enjoy writing whatever my characters suggest, and I hope you enjoy reading about them in whatever genre mix they’ve chosen to have their hearts broken, their certainties challenged, and their lives changed forever.


In A World Just Righthas been named one of the best science fiction/fantasy/horror books of the year for young adults by VOYAmagazine.


Yes, she thought, laying down her brush in extreme fatigue, I have had my vision.