Usher Syndrome

My current work-in-progress has a character with Usher syndrome type III. Usher syndrome is a genetic disease and the most common cause of combined deafness and blindness. Please visit the following links to learn more:

For general information about what Usher syndrome is, what causes it, what characterizes its three types, and more, visit the National Institutes of Health NIDCD.

Meet some people with Usher syndrome online: You can find Molly Watt on her blog, Facebook, and website. You can find Mike Walsh at Flight for Sight.

For an autobiographical account of living with Usher syndrome type III, read Rebecca Alexander‘s Not Fade Away.

The Usher Syndrome Coalition is a community serving as a vital resource for people affected by Usher syndrome, their families, and researchers. The Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness and accelerate research for the most common cause of combined deafness and blindness. Visit their website to learn more, or click here¬†for ways tohelp the Coalition provide hope to the thousands of people around the world dealing with this disease.

To learn more about the leading research organization for Usher type III, visit the Usher III Initiative.


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