I am officially a published author

I began novel writing many, many years ago.

After toying with a story idea for years, in 2004 I went to graduate school (for an MA) and again in 2010 (for an MFA) to find some guidance. ThereI completed not one, but two, manuscripts. My third manuscript, In A World Just Right, I began writing in the fall of 2011 and finished in January of 2012. More than three years later–April 28, 2015–In A World Just Rightis now a book that anyone in the world may (hopefully) enjoy.

To mark the occasion, I will share a little something from my workspace.

Here is a picture of my favorite items on my desk:


(I will note that just outside the frame are about 100 post-its and index cards of varying colors reminding me to do stuff. I have spared you the clutter so you may focus on what’s important!)


Note the piece of paper lying underneath all my lovely objects? Here is a close-up of the words on it:


I can’t remember now where I got this info. It’s been so long. The words are a bit difficult to make out in the photo, so I copy them here:

*–The first Harry Potter book is reported to have been rejected by 14 publishers.

*–Stephen King’s Carrie had been rejected more than 30 times before being picked up for publication.

*–Richard Bach’s Johnathan Livingston Seagull received more than 140 rejections.

*–After 743 rejection slips, British authorJohn Creasey went on to have 564 mystery novels published!

*–Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time received over 30 rejections. It took 10 years to get pubished, and then went on to win a Newbery Award.

*–Dr. Seuss’s first book was rejected 29 times before being picked up by publishers.

I have looked that this piece of paper every day for more years than I can keep track of. It has served as both an inspiration and a reminder of my goal.

On this important day in my life, I am going to read it one last timethenput it away in my keepsake bin. It’s not that I don’t need inspiration anymore, but today, for me, marks the end of one phase of a journey.

Thank you to all who have helped me get here!





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  1. Brooke says:

    Congratulations! I love the list–thinking about making one myself. :)

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